Amazing Things The Human Brain is Capable of Doing

The human body is capable of some pretty amazing things but the human brain takes the cake when it comes to performance. From being able to trick you into being physically stronger, to being highly functional even when you sleep, your brain is incredible. These are  things you didn’t know about the human brain.

Energy Consumption
The human brain is considered the fattest organ in the human body but it only accounts for about two percent of its total mass. Though it isn’t exactly the largest organ in the human body, it uses the most energy. The amount of energy and oxygen the brain requires is about twenty percent of the daily output made by the body. The crazy thing about the brain’s energy consumption is neuroscientist can’t account for ninety percent of what the energy is used for.

It’s Subjective
There are many things that are taken into account that help our brains shape our reality. From religious beliefs to past experiences, our brains are constantly trying to make sense of the world and help us feel like we have control over our reality. The brain is constantly taking objective situations that are actually happening, and turning them into subjective occurrences in order for us to understand what is happening. Like when you learn a new word and then it seems like you hear the word being used over and over again. This is your brains way of making sense of reality from something, in this case a word, that was probably there all along and you never noticed.


Hypnosis has a long history and was once used for surgeries before the invention of anesthesia. There are still many medical professionals that don’t believe in hypnosis but the way the brain reacts under it, can’t be denied. Hypnotized people are so hyper-focused on self-created imagery, or suggested imagery, that they don’t have any association of self in the imagery. They’ve lost the reminder of what they personally do and what normal judgment they make, while increasing their ability to think about a whole range of imaginary situations.


Dunning-Kruger Effect
Have you ever heard the saying stupid people don’t know they’re stupid? There’s actually some science behind this statement. The dunning-kruger effect happens when someone who is incompetent, suggest that they aren’t. When research, these incompetent people will over estimate how well they perform on tasks, because they are overly confident. The brain actually tricks people into thinking they know everything when actually they don’t. This happens because the person lacks metacognition to realize their actual abilities outside of what they personally perceive. Good news, people can learn to recognize and improve their metacognition, but this will lead to them under estimating their abilities overtime.

It’s interesting how complex the human brain is in regards to perceived threats and the evolution of its need to be like. These two functions of the brain have caused many people to have phobias of speaking publicly, or perform any task that may make them look insufficient in front of others. The human brain has made embarrassment seem like an actual threat, even though there is no actual physical danger. The human body reacts to embarrassment the same way it would react to a deadly predator.

Sleep Paralysis
When we are sleeping, the brain is able to turn off our motor skills. This allows us to have vivid dreams without reacting to them in reality. sometimes the brain forgets to turn our motor skills back on while we are waking up, and what occurs can be terrifying. If you have ever laid in bed and been consciously awake, but you weren’t able to move, then you have experienced sleep paralysis. This is a result from the brain overlooking the need to send signals to regions of itself that control our muscles. Though it is scary at the time, sleep paralysis is normal, and pretty common.

Memory Editing
Have you ever tried to recall a memory with friend, and their account of the memory is much different than yours? This can be from both your brains editing memories to make you appear better. You are of course the star of your own show, and because your mind is subjected to your reality, it often distorts memories from what actually happened. Though big details such as dates and people are usually the same, small details like what someone said or did, could be slightly different from what other people remember.

Building Muscle Through Thought
There are many instances were using visualization methods can help people achieve their goals. Research has shown that this works with physical goals as well. In a research study where participants thought about working out a certain part of their body over 12 weeks, the muscle in that part of the body was able to lift 35% more weight with no exercise. That means, their brains made them believe they were stronger from just thinking about exercise. Now we don’t advocate sticking to a strictly mental exercise program, but with these results, it proves the brain can do some pretty remarkable things.

Zeigarnik Effect
This list may make the brain seemed like it is some out-of-control organ that has complete control over us. This actually isn’t the case, we all have the power to trick our brains into performing differently. From shrinking the feeling of pain, to helping your brain retain more information, there are many ways you can make your brain function the way you wanted to. Have you ever gotten an annoying song stuck in your head and it seems to last for hours? An easy brain hack to get rid of this is to think about the end of the song. The songs ending will help feed the need the brain has for not leaving things unfinished. also known as the zeigarnik effect.

Ganzfeld Effect
There is a way to make your brain hallucinate without taking any illegal drugs. In the 1930’s, psychologist Wolfgang Metzger realize, if you cut off the use of certain senses, such as vision or hearing, the brain will start to hallucinate. To do this, you would need headphones that emit white noise, a ping-pong ball cut in half and taped over your eyes, and a red light. Put the headphones on and listen to the white noise and then turn on the red light, next cover your eyes and make sure there is no light shining through on the side of the ping-pong balls. Now sit back and relax while your brain works its magic.

Fashion Trends – Very Hot Right Now

The reason why you’re here right now, a few weeks ago when I posted the fashion trends of the year. We will talk about spring at fashion trends and I’m going to show you different styles to look out for.

So without further ado let’s get to know the first time that I want to talk to you about is something that you are probably familiar with and that is florals. I know what you’re thinking what I’m talking about like delicate little soft floral patterns we are talking about bold bright graphic eccentric. Florals are taking on much more of a statement piece position so look for those with dark backgrounds very vibrant colors and abstract patterns. Is actually floral but it is an abstract kind of watercolor features because even got floral on the booty.


trommel fines


Ain’t nothing wrong with a little flour but you know i’m saying i also like to mix florals with edgy. pieces like this laser cut bodysuit it’s a little tougher you can even throw a leather jacket on with this.


Another trend that you are probably very familiar with one that I never get tired of it is a pastel trend. I know it seems totes of the right that pastel would be a trend for the spring but the thing is most people only incorporate a pastel keys as a singular item but instead what I like to do is a layer and layer layer try an entire outfit of pastels it’s really a breath of fresh air. It’s a great way to incorporate the two colors of the year rose quartz and serenity at the same time. and if you want to kick it up a notch pair that rose quartz with some pank.

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I am kind of completely obsessed with this jacket although it’s very this jacket will announce your arrival along before you get to the building like you’re gonna still be in your over and people are going to hear you.




Super trend at the moment for those of you that are feeling very bold and expressive we are going to be playing with some stripes and checks in black and white. I am obsessed with head to toe pattern one of the easiest ways to pull it off is in matching sets like this crop and skirt. The patterns this year are very accelerated so look for thick stripes extra-wide plaids and tartan and checks and if it’s a little aggressive for you need to ease yourself into this trend then go for a thinner strike. There’s nothing wrong with that and pair withmaybe an unusual silhouette or something you like.





We are going to travel back in time into the nineteen sixties now and take a look at some of the modern trend. So when you think of this trend I want you to think of minimalism and chic and clean limes. This is kind of the distant relative to those big bold stripes previously. You’ll often see this with two to three colors and I love mixing it up with a statement graphic bag. It is so hippie flower child but like without the bad acid trip and you still take showers every day.

trommel fines

Let’s transition down south to our feet and we are going to talk about the shoes open of the season which are. Maybe I just didn’t have it at the right angle. So the heel of the moment is the kitten heel and the silhouette of the moment is what i like to call the funnel heel wear its wide at the top and it gets a little skinnier at the bottom. Look for heels that are maybe one to two inches in height it’s all about comfort this season except for me 3-4 inches  you know that’s a kitten heel for me.


trommel fines

I’ve got issues other shoes that are laying our edges snatching our wheels right now our slides flats and mules. I didn’t know how I felt about them when I first look at them and then I put them on and it was like yes like to take the academy.  You can also go with a more traditional slide on flat and guys I have to show you this because I have not seen this before graphic floral print gladiator sandals. Come on you’re gonna love this or you’re gonna hate it but either way something to experiment with.


trommel fines

Calling all 90s these babies out there and the lovers of it the cutout of the moment is the exposed shoulder of course as I discussed in my last video so i chose this dress in particular because the exposed shoulder has a hardware detail going across it to show you that you can shake it and update it into the current decade for those of you looking for something a little more tailored and conservative I’ve got the answer for you right here the classic white button-down shirt and the wide leg pants if there is one quality piece to invest in  your wardrobe it is a white button-down shirt this is going to be your workhorse and the wide-leg pant is huge for spring and will carry out through summer and into the fall they make you look longer taller and they make you look like you’re floating on clouds.


Let’s round this off with one of my favorite trends of all time are we ready yes get on my body I am talking about boho chic. Boho meets the nineteen seventies is all the thing for the spring and just think organic textures prints and colors earth tones free-flowing silhouette long maxi dresses and skirts long bell sleeves and layers is also a staple for this trend and swaying textures like fringe.




How Muffler Works

Harmful gases that could damage the engine it also cleans up the gas is a bit before venting them into the air a properly functioning exhaust system does another big job muscling the airborne noise of the engine. And for that our ears thank them it’s a system of metal tubes and plates we only seem to notice when it breaks down and then the muffler’s importance is loudly driven home to make an exhaust system a mechanical polar draws a stainless steel strip up into a punch press shoveling it back and forth to allow for a precise cut with little waist the press bring 60 tons of force.


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To bear as it pushes a steel into a dye it punches out a baffle shape with holes in it which will form the skeleton for the muffler box the finished baffles fall onto a conveyor and go into a storage cage now a long steel tube tumbles to automated blades would score the two crosswise to prevent denting. Then cut it to produce smaller tubes that go inside a muffler a circular saw descends on another tube to make a tailpipe its length depends on the type of muffler being made a loser machine spins and punctures one of the inside tubes the holes. Will regulate airflow in the muffler a CNC bending machine grips and bands a pipe in several spots this is how they make inlet intermediate and outlet tubes these tubes run the length of the exhaust system.


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Then they place a tube in a circular hydraulic device which pinches the end down to a prescribed diameter to allow for further assembly a worker now places to baffles in a jig he fits the tubes through the holes in the baffles so that the tubes connect the baffles three mandrels slide into the tubes. The manuals expand locking the tubes to the baffles then they contract and slide out now the baffles and tubes are one piece next a robotic arm picks up metal sheets which will become the outer skin of the muffler box. It pushes them under an oval mold another armed with numerous rollers on it moves up and wraps the steel around the oval form then the middle block moves over the ends double folding them this locks them together and it completes.


The Assembly of the muffler’s outside skin magnets pick up the new skin and sliding on rails they relate to a mechanical claw which in turn feeds it to a flanger. The flanger bands the edges creating a lip on either end of the muffler skin a carousel turns and mechanical claw transfers the newly flange muffler skin to the stuffing position hydraulic pushers press the preassembled baffles.

trommel fines

And tubes inside the skin after the muffler is stuffed the robotic claw transfers it to a conveyor belt next a worker presses each end of the muffler against a set of Steel expansion fingers. The fingers move forward into holes in the muffler they expand and lock the baffles and tubes inside to form one solid internal unity grippers place the muffler on a spinning machine that will fasten the caps on rollers press against the flared edges of the revolving muffler tightly locking the end cap to the rest of the body.  You see the rolling in slow motion it takes only a few revolutions to do the job ok then the rollers back away and a mechanical arm grabs the muffler and transfers it to a conveyor belt now these muscles are ready to help keep the traffic din at a minimum.

Future Health Care Plan And Tough Decision Is Important

Dr. Bud Hannah’s is director of respecting choices for Gundersen health system. You know one in seven American men gets prostrate cancer I know you tell me every time we hang out. So here are the problem patients and their doctors most often don’t have conversations about when the burdens of treatment would be so high he wouldn’t outweigh the benefits of the treatment. If you can’t face having an honest conversation about death with your doctor you can end up chasing unnecessary treatments that do very little to prolong your life and just make your final days really uncomfortable.


trommel fines

Now’s the time to make these plans for future healthcare decisions to time to talk with your family about your values your preferences and your goals so they don’t end up guessing when they make your decisions. A lot of people think that but the research is very clear and if you don’t have these conversations family members are no better than strangers and making these decisions they end up guessing and that can be really really hard on them.

Sometimes the problems is so severe I don’t know that the family will ever talk to each other again. That is such a hard conversation have I mean I don’t I don’t know where I would begin. There are three simple questions everyone should consider, the first is if you could make your own decisions who would make decisions on your behalf.

The second is if you suffered a serious and permanent brain injury how bad would it have to be for you to change your goals of care. Well they wouldn’t want to be kept alive if I was brain-dead saying guess right now let be.  The third question is do you have any strongly-held values or beliefs that would influence all medical decisions might be delayed. I don’t know honestly these are really tough questions that field right now. Well you’re they are hard to answer that’s why in Lacrosse Wisconsin we decided to approach all of our patients and offer them the opportunity to do this plan that way families have the confidence that they made the right decisions.

Well the decision is yours, we would come to any big decision somehow and we don’t know what to do. Yes will always be a terrible loss but if you can accept its inevitability it makes the whole process a lot easier.

I’m going to die I didn’t want it to be now but it’s going to be. I don’t want to be unconscious on a hospital bed forever and if I leave the decision up to my family you know no matter what he chooses how never feel like you made the right choice. Tonight I was gonna surprise her an :take her to a Ronda Rousey.

Wrong Idea Of How To Stop Death

I’m gonna wake up from this coma and go back to my life and then by the time I’m old. You and I see death or people will be immortal. Google were working in it. People have been trying to cure death for millennia and it’s never worked.

In 210 BC the first emperor of China dosed himself with what he thought were immortality pills. They were mercury pills aren’t real and the 9th century and alchemist who was trying to brew an immortality potion made a way bit of an error. Thanks to his quest for eternal life millions has been shot dead. Well we’re way closer to immortality now. what about cryonics I can freeze my body. So it can be revived later that’s medically doubtful and it assumes that the company that freezes you it’s not going to be around that long.





In one famous case the chryonics society of California ran out of money and couldn’t keep their customers frozen. Bodies began to thaw and decompose then some of the bodies went missing until this day their families still don’t know where they went. I’ve hears some wonderful information from follow twitter a very eclectic feed and he believed that one day we’ll be able to upload our brains onto computers. That’s ridiculous first of all your brain is a physical organ that’s like saying you could upload your liver onto a computer and secondly even if you could your consciousness wouldn’t teleport onto the computer you just have created a pretty accurate AI simulation of yourself.

We never been able to stop death and we never will. Okay fine you win I will die one day but why it have to be today. You know I will go shopping when I’m down I guess that sounds like a good distraction shopping for caskets. I know sounds weird but lets face it we will die sooner or later but with this information people stop looking for answers. I think this thing should not taken lightly and we have to prepare life after death. Well the thought would be if you believe there is life after death. If you believe what you shall do and what are the things we should consider after that? With our limited minds the best way to find out is to seek from the one who created us “God”. Well it is up to you whether you take this to your heart or not. We will die sooner or later so. So have a nice day.

LeBron James is Donating $2.5M To Smithsonian Muhammad Ali Exhibit – Johhson and Jordan

From personal experience the smithsonian national museum of African American history and culture is absolutely a sight to see with three amazing floors of African American history starting from slavery leading all the way up.To our first black president Barack Obama as if this monumental museum isn’t amazing enough.

Cleveland cavaliers forward Lebron James have set out to make this museum even more memorable other hall-of-famers stepped up to donate as well like Michael Jordan’s five-million-dollar and Magic Johnson 1 million dollar donations.

Now LeBron James was on pace for his own Hall of Fame induction has joined the top athletes with a hefty donation LeBron James is set to donate 2.5 million dollars and support of an exhibit that highlights and honors the Boston great Muhammad Ali James LeBron James Family Foundation and his business partner maverick Carter are pledging the donation for an exhibit entitled Muhammad Ali a force for change as we all know we lost the box and great this year which impacted so many fans and athletes alike in a statement LeBron James explain how important this exhibit is to him and many others like him every professional athlete regardless of race and gender owes a huge debt of gratitude to Muhammad Ali his legacy deserve to be studied and revered by every generation all these wife money spoke about how grateful she is that James and the Smithsonian honored her husband i am overwhelmed by the incredible generosity LeBron James has shown this exhibit will enable children visiting the Smithsonian to learn more about Muhammad’s work outside of the rank particularly his humanitarian work and stands on social justice for all people a pause is in order for lebron james as he turned his admiration respect and honor of the great Muhammad Ali enjoy chance for others to learn about how great Ali really was in out of the ring.

Dell Laptop Gaming and Office Work



The world’s smallest 15 inch  laptop the virtually borderless infinity edge  play is also the  most power  XPS laptop we’ve ever built the  expansive 15.6 inch display  features optional ultrasharp 4k  ultra HD resolution over 8  million pixels.  It is one hundred percent minimum adobe RGB for exceptionally rich color and offers a hundred and seventy degrees viewing for a spectacular image from just about any angle designed for powerhouse performance. The XPS  15 takes advantage of the latest  generation Intel processors and  is expandable up to a staggering  1 terabyte of solid state hard  drive space  watch edit and enjoy HD videos  fast and easy with an optional. It has an Nvidia Geforce GTC 960 graphics card leading edge Thunderbolt three connectivity on the XPS 15 doubles your data transfer speed / Thunderbolt 2 is eight times faster than USB.

The premium materials and  build quality are also designed  to last  the body is precision cut from a  single block of aluminum super  strong Corning Gorilla Glass NBT  protects the display and the  carbon fiber palm rest. It is lighter and cooler to the touch  the XPS 15 brings you powerhouse  performance in a cutting-edge  design  introducing dells most powerful  mobile workstations redesigned  from the inside out with an  aesthetic is impressive as its  performance  the dell precision 7000 series.  It somehow features premium materials like carbon fiber and aluminum that make these 15 and 17 inch workstations lighter stronger and sleeker the optional 4k ultra HD display elevate screen clarity. The color accuracy with  an astounding eight million  pixels get hands on with the  full HD touch display option on  the 15-inch model responsive AMD  FirePro and Nvidia quadro  graphics options  keep pace with demanding 3d  rendering and other graphics  intensive tasks with the dell  precision optimizer.




Rigorous testing and certification by independent software vendors we’ve ensured that the professional applications you rely on Quranic peak performance you work station stays cool under pressure thanks to a redesigned thermal solution. The duel fans that allow even your most graphics or processor intensive applications to remain in turbo mode up to four terabytes of incredibly fast solid-state PCIE storage technology let you easily store and quickly access your most complex files. When it’s time  to plug back in  dell has made it simpler than  ever with the new Thunderbolt  talk accommodating up to three  displays dell pro support plus  protects your investment with  proactive problem-solving elite  technical help.


Faster  resolution times make your  business future ready with the  dell precision 7000 series  a great mind needs a great  machine  the Dell Vostro 14 5000 series  is the thinnest 14-inch vostro  laptop available with  easy-to-use security features  that are perfect for small  business available an Era gray.

Jingle gold the ultra mobile Vostro brings a sleek design to business computing its 14 inch full HD display with IPS technology delivers the best front of screen experience from all angles get robust performance at the right price. The vostro 14 pitchers 6th gen  Intel processors up to a 4  gigabyte discrete graphics  option up to a one terabyte hard  drive or a 256 gigabyte solid  state drive and a SuperSpeed USB  3.0 port for faster data  transfer. Charging your  mobile devices  the vostro 14 in improved Wi-Fi  performance gives you more range  at home or work and a more  stable Wi-Fi signal which means  better Skype calls and smoother  video streaming stay secure with  the optional fingerprint reader  with windows 10.



The built-in security  protections of Windows 10 help  safeguard against viruses  phishing and malware with  upgraded performance and  security features the dell  vostro 14 5000 series packs  portable convenience into a thin  design made for small business  made for you. The remained XPS 12 is an innovative and elegant two-in-one design it connects with a magnet so all you need to switch between laptop and tablet is a free hand.  It’s also the world’s first two  and one to offer a  state-of-the-art 4k ultra HD  display dazzling picture quality  on the 12 and a half inch  display makes it the ultimate  tablet experience when you need  to be more productive. Just attach to the slim mobility base to use a full backlit keyboard and multi-touch precision trackpad Windows 10 automatically transitions between optimized tablets. The desktop mode for you 13 megapixels of cameras is integrated into the incredibly thin display a 5 megapixel. It take high-res photos and  videos leading edge Thunderbolt  three connectivity doubles your  data transfer speed /  Thunderbolt 2 and its eight  times faster than USB 3.0 of  seamlessly from laptop to tablet  for the perfect two and one  experience. Play now as well in your laptop Farming Simulator 17 just click Farming Simulator 17 for PC.